Thursday, 19 January 2017

why you should not send your children on busses when roads are icy.

when road conditions are not good and not suitable for buses but they run anyway should you let your children on to that bus or will you save there lives by driving them to school. if you let them on that bus be aware of the risks. If the bus rolls over you will fall two feet and if that isn't bad enough they will fall there are no seatbelts to stop you from falling. So if the bus crashes they will be hurtled forward with incredible force. why the school board doesnt close busses  these days surprises bus has trouble turning and gripping the road is difficult even with all of the bus crashes that ocure they leave the busses open. If you realize that this is a issue you should think twice before letting them go on the bus in bad conditions because that ride may be their last. I hope this article has helped you to realize safety in a different way.

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