Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Myrtle Beach - Days 8 and 9
My last two full days in Myrtle Beach were pretty busy. We went for some walks along the beach and got to play in the sand for a bit.

The weather was really nice outside so we were able to walk around with shorts and t-shirts. With it being warm, the ocean was quite calm so walking near it was possible.

Here is the view from just beside our hotel. Our favourite arcade is close to the large ferris wheel.

My mom LOVES taking pictures of us!

We also went back to Ripley's Aquarium and walked around Broadway at the Beach where there were lots of things to see. Here is a huge volcano that is part of a miniature golf course. Unfortunately, most of the mini putt courses don't open until March.

Also located at Broadway on the Beach is a little display area with two dinosaurs - a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Triceratops.

Some geese were also enjoying the warm temperatures and took a swim in a little fountain.

On the last night in Myrtle Beach, the weather took a turn for the worse and they were predicting violent thunderstorms and even tornadoes nearby. The ocean waves picked up and totally freaked out my sister. As of right now, the wind is still really strong and we're hoping this storm passes soon.

In the morning, before we leave for the airport, we are hoping to be able to go back to Captain Hook's mini putt for one last round of golf. Here is a picture of the boat that we can play on for one of the holes. It's one of my favourite courses!

I better be off to get ready for bed but I'll be back to school on Friday. See you all soon!

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