Saturday, 20 February 2016

Myrtle Beach - Days 4 and 5
At the halfway point of my vacation I spent lots of time playing on the beach. It was windy so I had to dress warm but playing in the sand and chasing the ocean waves was still fun.

Every year we write 'Myrtle Beach' and the year in the sand and take a picture of it for memories as my mom says. I think it'll make its way into her scrapbook!

Nothing beats running on the beach.

Me laughing at the ocean waves as they kept on stopping short of hitting my feet. Thank goodness as that water sure is cold this time of year!

This time, the water managed to catch up to me and I had some seriously wet pant legs. Man was it ever cold hitting my skin!

Throughout our holidays we've done lots of swimming in the heated indoor pool. It says it's heated but the pool water is still chilly at times.

My swim instructor gave me homework to do but since the water is cold, I find it hard to get in the pool as often as I should.

My nanny and mom have made me do some shopping with them too. We went to a really nice indoor mall to walk around and shop in.

Obviously, I don't really like shopping and can find some other things to do with my papa while my mom and nanny shop...

I liked sitting in the huge potted palm tree. This picture demonstrates how much I love shopping!! :)

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  1. It sounds like you had a great time! Thank you for sharing your vacation with the whole class! We had two snow days since you have been away and ALOT of snow!