Thursday, 18 February 2016

Myrtle Beach - Days 2 and 3

 On my second full day in Myrtle Beach, I went mini-putting with my grandpa. We went to a course called 'Captain Hook's'. It is very scenic with lots of rocks and palm trees. 

There are old saloons and even water running through it. If you make a mistake, your ball can end up in a little lake with a crocodile in it. Not to worry, the crocodile is fake! By the end of the course I had gotten 3 holes in one. It was an awesome outing!

In the morning on our third day here, my mom made me go shopping with her at the outlet mall. It was pretty boring so my grandpa and I went for a long walk around the stores, checking out all of the trees and fountains.

Later that day, we all went to the arcade to play some games. My favourite games are the baseball game (above) and all kinds of skeet ball games (below). We all had lots of fun and later we will go back to earn more tickets for the prizes.

 After the arcade, we had our picture taken with this silly headless man. Just something to do for fun! We are heading out for a walk soon so I'll share more adventures tomorrow.

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