Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Myrtle beach 2016
By Ronan Briggs
I began my journey at the Ottawa airport at 7 am on Family Day Monday. From Ottawa we flew to Toronto where we got to see the CN Tower from the airport. After a pretty short stop in Toronto we were on our way to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was a long morning of flying but worth it to not have to be able to wear my winter coat anymore!

On my first full day in Myrtle Beach, I went to the Ripley's Aquarium with my mom, sister and Papa Jack. Once at the aquarium, the first thing we did was to see the jelly fish exhibit. This is a picture of me touching a jelly fish. It felt a little bit hard and a little bit rubbery. It was so cool!
In the new jelly fish exhibit at the aquarium, there were lots of different types of jelly fish to see. This one type of jelly fish was able to light up in different colours based on the colours available in its habitat. When we took a picture of it, the flash made its pattern come to life. It was incredible to see!

While at the aquarium, I got a chance to pet my very favourite shark - a small, peaceful brown striped bamboo shark named Whitey. He was such a graceful swimmer and just kept swimming around the petting tank in a huge circle. As soon as my sister tried to pet him, he seemed to get a bit feisty so we decided to go see another part of the aquarium.
A puffer fish was kept in the seahorse exhibit. He was a very quiet fish so I think he got along well with the seahorses.

Swimming with the puffer fish were some incredible seahorses. They were able to hang onto seaweed with their tails or swim up and down. I was really impressed to see just how fast they could swim. Maybe they were racing each other around the tank?!

Towards the end of our aquarium visit, my sister and I got a chance to pet the stingrays. They were a bit shy at first so we just waited patiently for them to come over to us. In the meantime, a very friendly bonnet shark kept on coming over to say hi to us. Unfortunately, we were told not to pet the shark but it was really neat to see it up close like that.

In the Rainbow Rock tank at the aquarium were tons of different species of fish. One of my favourite fish in this tank was called the unicorn fish. He gets his name from the horn on his forehead. I think it's just a cool looking fish that makes me laugh.

This large sawfish kept on stopping over our heads, as if he wanted us to take a picture of him. His saw for a nose is really interesting but his face is just amazing to look at. He is an endangered species which makes me sad.

My all time favourite creature at the aquarium is Gabby the green sea turtle. She swims in the same tank as the sharks and always seems to keep to herself. Today, she must have been feeling brave as she swam right in front of a large sand tiger shark. The angle of this picture makes it look like Gabby is about to be bitten but no turtles were harmed, it was just the angle!

After our visit at the aquarium, my mom wanted to take a picture of me by a palm tree. It was warm enough for just a t-shirt when the sun wasn't blocked by the trees. What an incredible day we had at the aquarium!

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  1. Hi Ronan,

    Where you went looks AMAZING...
    Just to let you know I actually went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!!